my name is Patrick Carpenter. I grew up in Sanford, Maine, where I currently reside with my wife Ashley and my daughter, Jordan. Briefly, I lived in Texas when I was in my twenties, and I loved it there! Still, my heart will always belong to New England. I received my Culinary Arts degree at YCCC in Wells, Maine, and later, my BA in Leadership and Organizational Studies at USM in Portland. Currently, I am enrolled in a MA program at USM for Leadership. Professionally, I spent the first ten years of my working life in restaurants and the last five in banking. 

Although my education and career choices are pragmatic in nature, my true passion in life is writing. Ever since I was in first grade, I have been imagining mystical worlds, magical powers, and colorful, dynamic characters. My favorite author, from who I draw considerable inspiration, is Steven King (unsurprisingly, since he is a fellow Mainer). much of my inspiration for my stories also comes from dark, dystopian Anime, TV shows, and movies. Don't forget the emo-rock music (don't hate my childhood).

My writing tends to reflect the very real challenges of the human condition from the kaleidoscope of science fiction and fantasy. I believe that fiction, in whatever form we may indulge in it, is our best way of reconciling the incredibly complex emotional and philosophical quandaries we encounter in our lives. There have been many times in my life when I have felt better and my empowered to resolve an issue in real life because I have seen how a fictional character overcame it. This is one of my goals as an author; to provide an experience that is both entertaining and thought provoking and also provides some better understanding of what makes us human.

Besides writing, I also also enjoy gaming, health and fitness, blogging, podcasting, and travelling. I am always interested in connecting with kindred spirits in creative or intellectual pursuits. If you want to connect, head over to my blog, follow me on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to my mailing list for updates on my latest endeavors!