"Avatar the Last Airbender meets Star Wars"

"Best novel I have read in a long time"

"The Story Alone deserves 5 stars"

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Dark Ocean: Soul of Fire - Coming  in 2022

It has been over a year since Lynn, a woman once shattered by the demons of her past, defeated the Grothian warlord known as The Fox, and was reborn a powerful Goddess of fire. Ever since that day, the Sarian Empire has been growing, thriving from the hope they see in Lynn and her allies. But nothing lasts forever.

On Corinth, Jett's wondrous but hostile planet, Lynn and her allies are thrust unwittingly into a civil war between two unrelenting barons. Deep in the mountainous Corithian backcountry, the Leviathan crew are faced with long odds against punishing weather, clever enemies, and even each other. Plus, Lynn once again encounters ghosts of a past she thought was long buried. Will Lynn and the others make it out in one piece, or will Prism be shattered once more?

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