Dark Ocean


In a future galaxy, long after and far from the existence of Earth, the Sarian empire is embroiled in a cold war with a hostile alien empire that has persisted for the past twenty-six years, ever since the aliens first appeared and attacked outer Sari. A peace treaty was formed, but not without sacrifice.

Addy Palmer is an ordinary woman who grew up fighting against the turbulence and corruption of outer Sari, until one day, when her and her brother, Alex, are at a sporting event, a freak accident reveals that Alex has a super-natural power. A man named Zach Brine, an obsessive and meticulous man from an elite organization called "Prism," witnesses the event, binding the three of them together on an epic journey across the galaxy to discover and cultivate Alex's power.


Along the way, Addy must discover her destiny in a life once largely defined by nihilism and hopelessness. Love, kindred spirits, and mythical worlds open her eyes to all that is possible. Unfortunately, her journey also uncovers a tortured past involving a warlord who calls himself "the fox," and a now awakened Addy cannot take back what she knows. She has to make it right. The only question is, can she do it without losing herself in the process? 

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